DANCE FOR OSHUN #1 – Ritualistic Action Painting (2022-2023)

Performance at Musikkens Hus Aalborg on the 24th February 2022

DANCE FOR OSHUN #1 – Ritualistic Action Painting by Sandro Masai with guest performers: Mirei (JP) and Jens Bugay-Hougaard (DK)

Location: Musikkens Hus Aalborg

Date: 24.02.2022

DANCE FOR OSHUN #1 is a multimedia performance art by Sandro Masai (BR) and the guest performers, Mirei (JP) and Jens Bugay-Hougaard (DK). It is an action-painting performance that produces music, dance, painting, video and photographs. The painting is dedicated to the orisha Oshun, the Afro-Yoruban goddess of the rivers and waterfalls. She represents feminine power, fertility, prosperity and beauty. She is associated with the colours gold and yellow.

In the Yoruban tradition we sing and dance to worship the gods. The Yoruban mythology traveled to the Americas with the African diaspora and is very alive today in several countries. Each Yoruban god is worshiped in rituals with a certain rhythm, dance and colour.

In this performance, Sandro Masai simultaneously sing, dance and paint, while using some elements from the Yoruba mythology and rituals.

Guest performers:

Mirei is a Japanese artist that works with body movement, bodily sensation and improvisation to grasp a deeper understanding of what we call ‘reality’. Her work is performance based, blending together elements of dance, singing/vocalisation and playing sound objects.

Jens Bugay-Hougaard is a Danish experience designer, artist and musician. His focus has been on exploring the aesthetics of experience in the intersection between technology and performativity. He takes inspiration from many diverse sources aiming to combine elements into new and unexpected forms of expression and meaning, primarily through music and sound, but also performance and interactive art.

This project is kindly supported by KUNSTHAL NORD, Aalborg Kommune and Statens Kunstfond

Photos: Niels Fabæk

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