Sandro Masai – Artist talk on the transatlantic slave trade at Huset i Hasserisgade, Aalborg 2021. Photo: Niels Fabæk

My name is Sandro Masai (artist name). I am an Afro-Brazilian multimedia artist, mostly known as a performance artist. I hold a bachelor degree of Art and Technology from Aalborg University and a master degree of Interaction Design from Design School Kolding, both in Denmark, where I live since 2007. I also have a background in theatre, modern dance and Japanese butoh dance. Being an Afro-Brazilian plays a strong role in my artistic practice, as I often work within the themes of decolonisation, afro-futurism, ancestry, collective trauma, spirituality and empathy.

My artworks normally take shape as participatory performances, interactive art installations and action paintings. I have collaborated with international artists in several countries, such as Brazil, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, England and Germany. This includes acting in movies, theatre plays, modern dance, performance art and installations.

Currently, I have my atelier at Nordjyllands Kunstnerværksted in Aalborg. I am a guest lecturer at Aalborg University and the University of Bergen, where I teach ‘Artistic and Academic Methodologies’.

Besides, I collaborate in artistic and academic research at Aalborg University.

I also co-produce Projekt Vækstlag 9000 since 2018.

Graduated Master of Arts in Design within Communication Design (2013–2015) Kolding School of Design, Denmark

The foundation of the programme of Communication Design in the Kolding School of Design is to teach how to improve communication by strategy, to bring awareness or change behaviour, or how to deliver a holistic service or experience by interaction.

Bachelor degree of ‘Art and Technology’ (2009-2012) Aalborg University – Denmark

‘Art and Technology’ is an interdisciplinary study, where the students learn to work project-based in groups, using different types of technologies, applying theory and reflecting upon the results in an academic framework. ‘Art and Technology’ challenges the students to express their creativity artistically. The students learn computer-programming skills, like Arduino, MaxMSP, vvvv and Processing, which they use to create interactive and experimental artistic designs. The students also learn to work with modern materials, light, sound, video and combine these technologies with new media.

Cinema Studies (2011) University of Westminster, London – UK (It was a semester abroad as part of the Bachelor degree)

I have attended theoretical and practice-based courses related to cinema and contemporary art. The semester project was an immersive four-wall-video installation and an essay about art movies.

Modern Dance (2005) Centro Cultural São Paulo – Brazil – Choreography and Improvisation within modern dance.

Drama (2000-2002) Theatre School Martins Pena. Taboão da Serra, São Paulo – Brazil

*Sandro Masai is the artistic name of Alexsandro Almeida Da Silva

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