Artistic and Academic Methodology at Aalborg University

  • I am a teaching assistant at Aalborg University, where I teach ‘Artistic and Academic Methodology’. More specifically, I teach practice-based research within ‘performance art’ and ‘design thinking’.
  • I also supervise the  ‘Art and Technology’ students in their semester projects within the Problem-based Learning (PBL) environment.
Performance art workshop at Aalborg University, 2016
Performance art workshop at Aalborg University, 2017

Performance Perception at the University of Bergen

  • I am a guest lecturer at the University of Bergen, where I teach ‘performing perception’ through practical exercises and design thinking.
  • I also teach techniques for improvisation in modern dance and butoh dance.
Performance art workshop at the University of Bergen, 2018

Performance Art & Modern Dance (workshops)

  • Body and Space Awareness.
  • Techniques for improvisation and choreography in modern dance: William Forsythe and Butoh MA.
  • Contact improvisation dance
  • Butoh dance
  • Teaching modern dance at ‘Den Rytmiske’ since 2008
    • Sandro Masai has made several performances around Nordjylland, Denmark, with his dance students and in 2009 I was awarded the Transformator Prize for the work done within modern dance in the city of Aalborg. The first group was together for almost 4 years and it only stopped, because Sandro moved to London to finish my studies in ‘Art and Technology’