Temple for Oxóssi – Interactive Art Installation and Performance (2016)

Temple for Oxóssi – Interactive Art Installation and Live Performance

Concept, Design and Live Performance: Sandro Masai – Sound Designer: Morten Poulsen – Guest Performer: Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen – LAND-SHAPE Land Art Festival 2016

        The African mythology Yoruba, as also the Scandinavian mythology among others, worships deities that represent the forces of Nature. These deities in the Yoruba mythology are called orishas. Oxóssi is the orisha of the forest, the god of hunting, wealth and justice, who also loves art and beautiful things.

Temple for Oxóssi is a site-specific and interactive art installation that invites the audience to participate in a ritualistic experience to worship Nature itself, while sharing with others the same experience in time and space.

The performance artist Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen will perform at Land-shape Festival and there will happen moments of interaction between the two performers.

This project is also an academic research in the field of Performance Studies within art and science, part of a collaboration between the Land-shape Land Art Festival and Aalborg University, titled “Construction and Emergence”, where an artist is paired with a researcher to develop the research around the artwork in the festival. This process will be explained to the public in a symposium during the festival in Blokhus. The artist Sandro Masai is paired with the researcher Elizabeth Jochum.

Performances: 2nd – 4th June, 3:00pm-6:00pm, Gateway Blokhus.

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