The Dynamic Still – Dancing with a robot (2017)

Sandro Masai improvising with “Dyna” the robot. Photo: Barnabás Várszegi


“The Dynamic Still” improvisation dance with a robot. International Improfestival 2017 – Aalborg Teater, Denmark – Guest performer: Sandro Masai

Can robots improvise? Performance artists increasingly use computers and other smart devices to generate art works, but at what point does technology stop being a tool and become a performer? This improvisational performance investigates creative performance between living and non-living actors— a human being and an intelligent mobile robot. None of the performance is pre-scripted or tele-operated; audiences watch the actors communicate and improvise to develop an original performance. The project is developed by RELATE – Research Laboratory for Art and Technology at AAU.


Elizabeth Jochum, Jeroen Derks, Alberte Husted Larsen, Thomas Kristensen, Barnabas Varszegi

Guest performers: Hartvig Hansen, Miguel Castro and Sandro Masai

More about this project: RELATE – Aalborg University

Sandro Masai improvising with “Dyna” the robot. Video: Jeroen Derks

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