BallonHead Horse – Participatory Performance Art (2017)

Production History: Bergen, Norway, 2020. Aalborg, Denmark, 2017

Ballonhead Horse is a participatory performance art, where the performer asks for the help of the audience to complete the artwork. Basically, we work together to re-create the photo “Death of an Image #5” by Andrea Galvani, while we all document the process and the final result as well.

The participants help to build the ‘ballonhead horse’ and to document with their mobile devices through photos and videos, sharing the process and the final result on digital social media. This performance is a bridge for togetherness, social interactions, empathy and fun.

Performing Ballonhead Horse, Bergen, 2020

This performance was the result of Sandro’s experimental artistic research in the workshop “Experiences – Devised and Performed” led by Louis Philippe Demers and Astrid Kensinger at the Teater Nordkraft, June 2017.

The workshop was about experiences and how to devise, design, perform and document them. Central to our exploration was the body, and talks that covered various key concepts from history and contemporary practice. We investigated experimental and participatory works that activate body or audience.


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