TIME/LIFE – Interactive Art Installation by Sandro Masai and Edit Vizer (2012)

TIME/LIFE – Interactive Art Installation

The project Time/Life is a responsive environment in the form of a four-staged interactive theatre and where the public become the performer, when interacting with the system. The installation operates within various design fields, such as interaction design and embodied interaction, moreover it is an experimental work for an experience design of a theatrical genre.

The overall theme of this project is multitasking. The sub-theme builds around multitasking and operates with the multiple identities of a single individual as it is distributed among a collection of almost an endless list of roles played in everyday life.

These various roles are undermined by a series of important issues according to those difficulties that we are facing from day to day. Among other things here we see the relevance of fighting with being several places at the same time, fighting with time and time schedules, multitasking as our new and obligatory competence.


In this project we wish to make a real-time theater in form of a performative responsive environment (includes interaction design and experience design). The narrative to be told works strongly around the above mentioned theme, and genre-wise we wish to develop a parody with a strong social message between the lines. Audience participation is applied as part of the design – and forms the core of the piece.

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