Performance and Workshop by Sandro Masai and Christian Skjødt, Kunsthal Nord (2013)




Workshop “Body and Space”

Sandro Masai and Christian Skjødt have held performance art workshops at Kunsthal Nord’s gallery space in 2013 organised by Astrid Byrial.

Performance is often characterized as being a bodily action by the artist himself in a given space in front of a live audience. The workshops focused on performance as an art form and a mean of communication. The interactions between performer, space, action and spectators are the workshop essential components. The students were challenged to include various objects to be co-creative players in a series of staged storytelling.

Workshop IntoArt was a Kunsthal Nord‘s communication platform and experimental learning environment for contemporary art. IntoArt offered workshops, courses , guided tours and other activities for young people in close cooperation with artists and professional art intermediaries. IntoArt was an innovative and social environment in which there was both a focus on play and high professionalism in the interaction between contemporary art and the students. IntoArt was a meeting place for reflection, experimentation, learning experiences and artistic production.



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